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Why the HotForex PAMM for Investors:

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  • Why the HotForex PAMM for Investors:

    investing into the HotForex PAMM account you are investing in the nearly limitless potential of the FOREX market where over 4 trillion USD is traded daily.

    Why the HotForex PAMM?
    • Manager Accountability: One of our requirements of PAMM managers is that they have some of their own money invested in their accounts. This measure ensures that they will always have the interests of their investors in mind. After all, they are one.
    • Account Transparency: You can access real-time reporting on your PAMM manager's performance in the HotForex Wallet.
    • Flexibility with Deposits and Withdrawals: The PAMM Account gives you complete control over your investment. You can make a deposit at any time or withdraw money from your account at the daily rollover, with no hidden fees or charges.
    • Select a Rescue Level and control your risk. You decide the maximum acceptable level of loss that can be lost from your Investment account!
    • Choose more than one Fund Manager to manage your single Investor account and enjoy the benefits of diversification

    HotForex is an award winning forex and commodities broker, providing trading services and facilities to both retail and institutional clients.

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      Hello jamal,
      I have seen in six sites forex brokers review


      but not seen their Recommend brokers list hotforex , hotforex is good brokers??
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